Tag: Human


  • Sildar Hallwinter

    Sildar Hallwinter is a retired human male soldier. Approaching his 50’s, Sildar has clearly had a long career in the martial world, and recently put this experience to use as a warrior escort for the entreprenuer Gundren Rockseeker. It has been revealed …

  • Iarno Albrek

    Iarno is a short, dark-bearded human male. A former member of the Lords’ Alliance, Iarno seized an opportunity in Phandalin to line his own pockets. Originally tasked with setting up a constabulary, the mage instead assembled a group of outlaws and local …

  • Reidoth

    Reidoth is a gaunt, white-bearded human who doesn’t use two words when one word will do. He visits the abandoned village of Thundertree from time to time, keeping a wary eye on its dangers.