Sildar Hallwinter

Rockseeker's Escort and Lord's Alliance Rep.


Sildar Hallwinter is a retired human male soldier. Approaching his 50’s, Sildar has clearly had a long career in the martial world, and recently put this experience to use as a warrior escort for the entreprenuer Gundren Rockseeker. It has been revealed that Sildar’s real reason for joining the dwarf on his journey was to investigate what happened to a contact of his, named Iarno Albrek, who had travelled to Phandalin to help establish order there.

During Sildar and Gundren’s trip to Phandalin they were waylaid by a band of goblins known as the Cragmaw goblins. Upon being delivered to the local leader of the goblins, Klarg, Rockseeker was sent along with his map to the goblin kin in Cragmaw Castle and Sildar was left to languish in their Klarg’s caves.

Sildar Hallwinter

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