Lostmine Encounters

The off shoot

Since Throne went missing while you were fighting in the castle, Ragas left to go find him before adventuring further into the castle. He went to Neverwinter and ran into Throne and Iris. While there they did a lot of business with an alchemist and a blacksmith to craft a perma poisoned dagger for Iris named “Ivy”, and a Mitril Kunckleduster for Ragas. They then met a Bard named Ulaan in a tavern in Neverwinter who agreed to accompany the party and record their story.

After two thugs attempted to rob the party, they captured one and interrogated him to learn the location of the local thug leader. Iris used his criminal contacts to discover that the local leader was living a cover as a farmer just outside of Neverwinter.

They decided to go there and rid the town of the gang boss. While there they destroyed the house (natural fucking 20s with Hew), and killed the boss. Inside they found loot which included 4 magical items of varying enchantments.


Still pissed about that 20

The off shoot

Lmao yeah I can imagine

The off shoot

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