Forgotten Realms Homebrew

Our current story is based in the land of FAERÛN, but most city’s lore has been modified to accommodate our Homebrewishness. Our world has another continent called Rovidia. Rovidia isn’t part of the traditional FAERÛN and is completely homebrewed.

Here is a list of all active player’s (Alive and Dead)

Propa – Halfling Ranger (Jacob Day)
Pra’Gar – Orcling Barbarian (Jacob Day)
Ragas – Elf Monk (Dylan Smith)
Thorne – Human Barbarian (Micheal Bolling)
Alistar – Aasimar Paladin (Micheal Bolling)
Iris – Half-Elf Rouge (James Bolling)*
Mysticnutz – Human Wizard (Brian Whitman)
Malicae – Tiefling Rouge (Jewels Day)
Marr – Woodelf Monk (Will)*
Higrx – Dragonborn Paladin (Scottie Martel)*
DM – Joshua Bennett

*Note that some drop in here-and-there, and are not currently regular party members.

Lostmine Encounters

podsixjables jacobday0124 RAGA